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Menu Bun Mee Sandwich

Grilled Pork Bun Mee


Pate, pickled carrots & daikon cucumber, coriander, BMK mayo, sriracha sauce & jalapeño

Grilled Chicken Bun Mee


Pate, pickled carrots & daikon cucumber, coriander, BMK mayo, sriracha sauce & jalapeño

Vegetarian Bun Mee


Crispy tofu, mushrooms, slaw, cucumber, onions, cauliflower relish, sriracha sauce & jalapeño

Juicy Steak Bun Mee


Marinated grilled rump steak with pate, pickled carrots, daikon & lemon pepper mayo, hoisin sauce & jalapeño

Mexican Bun Mee


Pulled pork, slaw, pineapple salsa, cucumber, picked ginger jalapeño, smoked chipotle mayo, coriander & crispy shallots

Kiwi Bun Mee


Bacon hock and pork (boil up) with kumara, potato, cabbage, red onion, pickled carrots, daikon watercress with aoli & crispy bacon

The Islander Bun Mee


Corned beef (silverside), coleslaw & BMK mayo, crispy crackling & drenched in pork gravy

F.O.B Bun Mee


Crumbed white fish (deep fried), slaw, smoked salmon, remoulade, pickled carrot, daikon, cucumber & coriander

Cheesy Steak Bun Mee


Smoked mainland cheese, sautéed onion, mushroom & BMK mayo

Hard On Bun Mee


German sausage, sautéed onion, mustard, relish & spicy sauerkraut

Add Extras - Meat


Add Extras - Cheese / Egg / Veges / Tofu


All buns can be served as skinny sandwich (wrap) for extra $1

BMK Signatures

Tacos - Pork / Steak / Veg


House made slaw, pineapple salsa, cucumber, pickled ginger, jalapeño, smoked chipotle mayo, coriander & crispy shallots

Toasted Sandwich - Pork / Steak / Veg


Toasted Sandwich whole grain toast BMK salad sesame dressing viet sauce w choice of pork chicken or veg, melted cheese, avo crispy shallots relish BMK Mayo

Bao - Pork / Steak / Veg


Steamed bao buns filled with slaw choice of pork chicken veg with cucumber hoisin and BMK Mayo

Skinny Devil - Pork / Steak / Veg


wrap filled with salad, pickled carrots and daikon, red onion, mung beans, choice of pork chicken or veg and fries with sesame dressing, viet sauce, BMK Mayo with splash of sirracha and jalapeños on request

Salad Bowls

Menu Bun Mee Salad

Crispy Pork Salad


Free range pork belly, mixed leaves, shaved onion, carrot, cucumber, jalapeño, fresh pressed Viet dressing, coriander & mint

Vegetarian / Vegan Salad


Mixed leaves, root veges, kim chi, tofu, pickled carrots & daikon, fresh pressed Viet dressing & sunflower seeds

Juicy Steak Salad


Mixed leaves, vermicelli, tomato, avocado, red onion, pickled carrot & daikon cucumber, lemon pepper mayo, fresh pressed Viet dressing, jalapeño, coriander & crispy shallots

Juicy Chicken Salad


Mixed leaves, free range chicken marinated & grilled, sesame dressing, wasabi mayo, peanuts, vermicelli, shaved onion, carrot, cucumber, jalapeño, coriander & mint

F.O.B Salad


Crumbed white fish (deep fried), slaw, mixed leaves, dressing, pickled carrot & daikon cucumber with remoulade

Grilled Haloumi Salad


Mixed leaves, tomatoes, avocado, pickled cucumber, onions & spicy rock melon seeds

Smoked Salmon & Avo Salad


Smokes Salmon, avocado and tomato with fresh mesclun leaves, pickled carrots and daikon cucumbers, red onion, vermicelli, mung beans, viet dressing, Sesame dressing and BMK mayo with spiced nuts. (Jalapeño and sirracha on request).

Crispy Squid & Spicy Chorizo salad


With Spanish chorizo crispy squid & mint yogurt drizzle


Ass Kicker


Grilled homemade pork patty with Slaw, smoked cheese, crispy shallots tomato relish, aioli & jalapeño

Bam Bam


Slick chick, Viet marinaded chicken thigh grilled with cheese Mesclun sesame dressing viet sauce pickled carrots daikon red onion, Tom relish BMK Mayo crispy shallots

Slick Chick


Korean infused beef patty with slaw, relish, melted cheddar cheese and BMK Mayo with crispy shallots

Veggie Veggie


Pan fried mushrooms, onion and root veg, tofu, kimchi, sesame dressed mesclun salad, pickled carrots daikon, BMK Mayo, tomato relish and crispy shallots


fries sides

Fries - single


Fries - Shared


Loaded Fries - single


Loaded Fries - Shared


With kimchi, pulled pork & cheese

Loaded Kumara Fries - single


Loaded Kumara Fries - Shared


With kimchi, pulled pork & cheese

Kumara Fries - single


Kumara Fries - Shared


Poutine - single


Poutine - Shared


Viet Chicken Wings - single


Viet Chicken Wings - shared


Kids Bites

Bun mee kids menu chicken nuggets

Chicken Bun


Cheesy Steak Bun


Cheesy Hot Dog


Chicken Nuggets & fries


Mini Fish & Chips


Mini Hot dogs & Chips