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Catering for events

BMK – Bun Mee Kiwi also offers catering for small business or family functions from 10 pax – 100 people, so please contact us with your needs and we will help customise a menu to suit you event or function.

We are very flexible if nothing on the catering menu appeals please contact us to discuss what it is you are after and we will send some options to you.

Basic catering menu

Ask us about customising on just for you

All of our Bun Mee & Skinny Sandwiches are available as well as the following options:

- Mini juicy chicken salad with mesculin, vermicelli, pickled carrot & daikon, red onion, cucumbers, jalepeno & BMK sauce

- Mini juicy steak salad with mesculin, vermicelli, pickled carrot & daikon, red onion, cucumbers & BMK sauce

- Crispy pork sliders with slaw and hoisin sauce

- Battered fish sliders with slaw and house made tartare

- Pork patty sliders with slaw and BMK mayo

- Pulled Pork sliders with slaw and sriracha sauce

- Club sandwiches

- Veg Sliders with slaw root veg mushrooms and BMK sauce

- Smoked Salmon canapés on bilinis with cream cheese and sour cream

- Oysters served natural or with pickled ginger and viet dressing

- Mussels served warm/cold in sweet chili and coconut cream sauce

- Fresh Viet spring rolls with chicken or prawn and dipping sauce

- Fries

- Kumara fries

- Koftas

- Loaded fries


Kids meals


- Chicken Nugget

- Fish and chips

- Cheesy Hotdogs

- Kids steak and cheese rolls

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